Companion Care Services in Bedfordshire

A local Companion Care Service helping to make people’s lives easier.

Perhaps you are looking for support; friendship; a listening ear; practical help; someone you can trust; someone to help you make the most of your life.

Everyone’s life can be challenging, and this is especially true in the later years of life. Not everyone has family or other people around to help them. We appreciate that people’s needs are many and varied and that we all need help at some time.

At Kindness Counts we know the value of having someone who can help. And we understand that family life is busy and family members cannot always provide the support to relatives that they would like to do.

And for those people who support and look after relatives, we want to make their lives easier by taking away some of the responsibility and stress.

This is not focused solely on people in their later years. We want to try to help people who need it regardless of their age or other circumstances.

What we offer

  • Preparing meals
  • Taking customers shopping or doing shopping for them
  • Taking customers on social trips
  • Taking customers to medical appointments
  • Providing companionship and someone to talk to
  • Helping customers to enjoy their hobbies and interests
  • Home help including cleaning and other household tasks
  • Feeding pets
Companion Care Services in Bedfordshire

We can offer one off help, or regular support.

Through our own experience, we understand how much a kind gesture, a friendly word, some practical help, can mean to us all. We have all benefited from the kindness of others in our lives. We want to repay that kindness by providing help to others.

We know that many people are in need of some kindness and consideration from others. Things that will make their lives easier, and their particular circumstances more pleasant.

We do not offer hands on care, as there are many excellent specialist providers of this. But we see the need for a different kind of support. We want to help people emotionally and practically.

If you know someone who could benefit from companion care, get in touch today to find out how we can help

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